Saturday, March 08, 2008

The DL 777-200LR: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Dallas TX (DFW)

08MAR08 Dallas/Forth Worth International, Dallas TX (DFW)

We disembarked and headed for terminal A via the SkyLink train. I also checked the flight information display and the last Continental flight to Houston Intercontinental was at 6:15p; it was 6:19p.

We followed the signs and headed for the Skylink upstairs. An American Airlines pilot also pointed us the way as he overheard us talking about getting to Terminal.

The Skylink is one fast monorail, it is quite crazy actually. It moves very quickly and slows down really fast. As we went by, I noticed that there was snow on the rooftops; good grief, when did that happen?

At Terminal A, which took forever to get to, we disembarked and went downstairs. Our gate, A10, was close to the end of the terminal, but it was not too far a walk at all.

At the gate, we saw our names on the standby list. We were 8 and 9 of 11; not bad I thought. I checked for Internet access and it was a pay system operated by T-Mobile. I have no credentials for the American Airlines Admiral Club, so I had to settle for the seats by the gate. I also found a plug to continue charging my computer.

We got a seat a about 6:50p which was cool and for which we were thankful; this was a middle and the window seat in row 32. This is the last "window" seat on the MD-80.

Once it was time for our Group to board we did so; relieved that we had received seats.

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