Saturday, March 08, 2008

The DL 777-200LR: Houston, TX (IAH) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

CO459 08MAR08 Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Los Angeles, California (LAX) 738 w/winglets N??218

Seat Map

Flying Time: 3:19

I said good morning to the flight attendant as we boarded and she reciprocated. This aircraft has 16 leather First Class seats with 141 cloth seats in Economy class. There are overhead monitors throughout the cabin and this aircraft does not have power in any of the seats. Some of the Continental 737-800s do have power at the First class seats and in select rows in Economy class. I made my way to my seat and settled in without any issues. I had to help the lady next to me to put her heavy bag in the overhead. She even acknowledged that it is heavy.

The cabin was rather dark as many of the windows were closed and I’ve noticed that passengers are scared to open the windows if they are closed when they enter the airplane. Usually in the summertime, the cleaning crew closed the windows as it keeps the cabin cool; but it is cold outside so I am not sure why the windows were closed this morning.

The Captain gave his welcome at 6:59a and advised our flying time was 3:19. The main cabin door closed just about 7:10a and then we waited in silence. At 7:19a, the Captain advised that we were waiting for late bags. At 7:22a, we pushed back and the safety announcement started in English.

As the window shades were closed all around me, I had no idea which way we went and what we were passing. I had hoped to get a glimpse of the Lufthansa aircraft, but that was not going to occur today at all.

At 7:31a, the #2 engine was started as we taxied out to the runway. At 7:35a, we commenced our takeoff roll and was airborne shortly after.

After takeoff, there was an announcement about the miles being earned for today’s flight, SkyMall catalog sales and that there would be a movie at a cost of 1 USD for headsets or you can use your own for free. Beer, wine and margarita was at a cost of 5 USD each in Economy class. There would also be a breakfast serving today. The movie is “August Rush” which was offered in English and Spanish.

A preview of the movie was done after which headsets were offered for 1 USD by a flight attendant passing through the cabin. Soon, there was an announcement made if anyone had change for 20 USD; I think I heard a flight attendant call button ring, so that was taken care of.

At 7:58a, the Captain came on the PA and advised that we were at our cruising altitude of 36,000’ and he expected a smooth ride so he would turn off the seatbelt signs. He anticipated an arrival time of 8:55a and the current weather is cloudy with a temperature of 53F. The winds were light and variable from the Southeast. He then thanked us for flying with Continental today and welcomed us onboard.

The movie started shortly after he was done with his welcome.

I heard a call for watch your elbows and arms behind me at 8:07a; it was the flight attendants with the morning’s meal; I wonder what it will be. It was Total Whole Grain cereal with a banana and 2% reduced fat milk.

This would be my third banana for the day; I guess I’ve exceeded my potassium limit for today J. There was also a Chase OnePass bonus miles offer in the breakfast container. Beverages followed shortly after this presentation.

At 8:20a, we had some rough air so the seatbelt signs went on and the flight attendant also made an announcement to that effect to stay in your seats.

The crew came through and collected the trash about 8:36a. The lady next to m offered me her banana; oh no, I said and respectfully declined it as it would have been my fourth for today!

A second drink service came through at 9:02a; I declined as I was pretty full now. I was also very sleepy so I fell asleep.

I awoke as I had to prepare for landing, which we did without incident.

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