Saturday, March 08, 2008

The DL 777-200LR: Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Dallas TX (DFW)

AA2448 08MAR08 Los Angeles International, Los Angeles CA (LAX) to Dallas/Forth Worth International, Dallas TX (DFW) 1:25p 6:25p 763 "364"

Flight Time: 2:24
Seat Map

I boarded the airplane and greeted the flight attendant at the door. She smiled and ushered me forward through the 2-2-2 Business Class cabin. I had to back up as there was a flight attendant coming towards me. She smiled as I made way for her.

As she cleared the way, I started again down the aisle to my seat entering the 2-3-2 configuration in Economy Class. The seats are cloth, except for the movable headrests that are leather. There are also have overhead and bulkhead monitors around the cabin.

We settled into our seats with the middle seat open. There were plenty of other open seats as we took a cursory look around the cabin.

Before pushback, the lead flight attendant or maybe it was the Captain said welcome and advised that the weather in Dallas was 48F/9C.

We pushed back at 1:24p as the safety video started on the overhead monitors. We taxied out along runway 25R which is closed and then went across to 25L and started the roll immediately. At 1:43p, we were airborne.

After takeoff, I heard a ding as we passed 10,000’; it was time to start using my computer now. I felt below my seat and there was a power port; two for these three seats actually. You do need an adapter though that is similar to the one you plug into your cigarette lighter. I had my adapter, but I did not have the cigarette lighter portion so I could not use it.

At 1:53p, headsets were offered for 2 USD; you can also use your own to enjoy the inflight entertainment. I bought one and also asked for a blanket at the same time which she happily brought to me. As she did not have any change, she said she would return with it and also asked me to remind her later in case she did not.

On the overhead monitors, there were some ads as well as shorts of entertainment features from CBS.

At 2:03p, when we were at our cruising altitude of 39,000’ over Palm Springs, the Captain came on the PA and said that our route of flight would take us north of Phoenix, Arizona, south of Denver, Colorado and then on into Dallas. He continued, adding that our arrival time would be 6p, 15 minutes early. He said it would be bumpy for the next 20-30 minutes, so he would keep the seatbelt signs on and that we should stay in our seats. For the kids on board, he said that this airplane cost $120M brand new, the outside air temperature is -63F, the engines produce 60,000lbs of thrust at 8,000 horse power with a temperature of 640F. He also gave the local weather in Dallas and closed by saying to be nice to the flight attendants as they have a tough job as it is; we are going to be early as the landing time is 6p. it got pretty bumpy after his speech.

There was a program on the overhead about the guy who owns the Maltese Falcon yacht that cost a fortune; wow! “Valley Boy” by Tom Perkins is a book he wrote, he was also on the HP Board of Directors. I later realized it was “60 Minutes.”

The flight attendant made an announcement that there is a “Buy on Board” service of Asian Chicken wrap sandwich with Sesame Oriental dressing (orange, carrots, red bell pepper, cabbage, water chestnuts, romaine, almonds, cream cheese) for 5 USD three musketeers trail mix, chocolate chip cookie, potato chips for 3 USD plus a test version of Lipton green tea for 3 USD and alcoholic drinks for 5 USD they accept American Express plus all major credit cards.

Then The New Adventures of old Christine followed by David Letterman show. It looks like all the programs are from CBS.

We were quite hungry, so we had one sandwich each plus some crisps and some white wine (Pacific Vista pinot grigio 2005 California).

Other CBS programs played on on the monitor overhead including "The Late Late Show; "eventually, I fell asleep as I was so tired.

I awoke and heard the pilot say that we had 45 minutes to go, I cleaned up my area and then went back to sleep. I awoke to the gentle touch of the wheels landing on the runway in DFW.

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