Sunday, May 18, 2008

Luxembourg: Aeroport de Luxembourg, Luxembourg (LUX) to Amsterdam Schipol International (AMS)

KL1736 18MAY08 Aeroport de Luxembourg, Luxemburg (LUX) to Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) 6:30a 7:55a F50 operated by KLM cityhopper

Flight Time: 1:00
Seat Map

The greeting flight attendant checked the boarding passes, then I made my way down the aisle of his 2-2 configured cloth seat airplane.

From my window seat, I had a view of the left wheel, fun…

The engines started, the safety demo was done and we were off. Soon, we were airborne.

Two sandwiches; Italian beef and mustard cream cheese. This was served with beverage of choice.

Trash pickup occurred shortly after the delivery of the meal but giving enough time to finish it all up.

Our descent started at 7:13a in to Schipol. Soon, the Captain came on with his welcome on board at 7:15a. He talked about our course of flight; we will make a turn at Rotterdam then to the Hague and then descend into Amsterdam. 7:35a is our landing time.

It was fantastic to see the Netherlands as we started our descent. It was a beautiful morning and we landed with no issues as promised at 7:35a.

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