Sunday, May 18, 2008

Luxembourg: Arriving in AMS from LUX and heading for IAH

18MAY08 Amsterdam Schipol International, Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS)

We taxied to our hard stand arriving at 7:40a. I alighted wit the others and headed for the waiting bus which took us to the terminal. I did notice a Martinair (MP) Boeing 767-300ER tat was painted differently. I think it was there 50th anniversary tribute as I saw 50 on the left engine cowl. The design did look like a retro design.

I made my way through Immigration since I had arrived right where I started in Terminal B. this took no time and then I headed for the Transfer Desk 4. as it was closest. I had about a 20 minute wait and was checked in for the flight to Houston at 10:10 by 8:10p. the agent said it looked O.K. which meant that I’d have a middle seat waiting for me I suppose.

I then headed for the KLM Crown Lounge. I presented my documents and the agent had an initial issue. I told her it I was fine and then she said something to her colleagues in Dutch. Finally, it was fine so I entered. I looked around for a seat, but to no avail. So I told the lady I was leaving and found the next one which was not too full. I had no issue getting in at this Club and was soon updating the blogs and having breakfast.

It was about 9:05a, when I decided to get going. Once at gate F04, boarding ahd not yet started. Actually, security was just getting their act together. It was not until 9:15a that they commenced.

I waited until almost the lat minute to get on he queue as hid many others. I cleared without much issues and then got my boarding pass from the agent. As expected on this full flight I got a middle seat. It was on the right side of the plane close to the back.

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