Sunday, May 18, 2008

Luxembourg: It is time to leave Luxembourg, Luxembourg (LUX)

18MAY08 Aeroport de Luxembourg

I started to hasten my steps as I got closer to the airport since it was now 5:40a and I did not now what time was the cut off for check-in. This walk will be just a tad further come Wednesday, May 21, 2008 when the new terminal opens.

I got checked in expeditiously by the Luxair Services agents. It looks like they do all the check in for almost all the airlines. I always love it when I get a choice of a window or an aisle seat. I chose the window of course; this time I was a little further back than the bulkhead.

I walked around the terminal a bit, before going into the departure lounge. I showed my boarding pass and passport to the security agent, then proceeded. I did ask him if I could get a stamp and he said no. Although I don’t think he has the stamp with him.

Once I cleared security, I saw that if you were heading to any other countries other than the European Union and the U.K. you have to go through a passport control area as those flights left from a special gate.

I looked around a bit and then sat down near gate 4 and waited for the flight. Outside amid the fog, I could see two Luxair Boeing 737-500s and one Embraer ERJ-145 on the hard stand. Off in the near distance were two Bombardier Q400s as well as an ERJ-135.

Boarding silently started at 6:03a to a waiting bus below. Once the very light load had boarded, we made our way out to the waiting Fokker F50 amid the fog.

As we alighted from the bus, I could hear an airplane approaching, but due to the fog I could not see a thing. Slowly, a Cargolux Boeing 747-400 emerged; it was an awesome sight to behold and the engines were actually not that loud.

It was not time to get in the airplane so I did.

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