Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Google Android G1 Phone: My thoughts

The gPhone (that is my name for the G1 :-)) is O.K. it was not too intuitive to figure out how to change the battery and I could not get to the little flap open that covers the storage card. Eventually a friend of mine opened it and used the stylus for his phone to remove it and then used it to put it back in.

My fingers seem to be too big for the web items, but it does have a feature that can zoom out so that should help.

It does fit in my shirt and pants pocket so that is a good thing and once I figure it out I can blog. I can also access the net from almost anywhere and blog too. So watch for this blog to come mostly from there although the typing is a bit clugy at times.

It does not have a flash on the camera, so I have not had a chance to take a picture just yet as everywhere I've been is always dark.

My friend here in San Antonio is more excited about that I am :-).

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I live in San Antonio, and I AM more excited about it than you are, but alas, I am also on Sprint so i will not be getting an android based phone for a few more months. The latest rumors say "Before then end of the year". I don't know if i can wait that long.

The phone it self is pretty nice. Yes the MicroSD card is HARD to get out. they should have re thought that. As well as the battery.

The best feature....the full QWERTY keyboard or the trackball. I also have already filled his phone with tons of games so he wont get bored while waiting on a plane or bus.

Biggest thing to remember... this is about the Android operating system, not the handset. The Sprint phone will be different, but i can write an app and have it work on both phones, just like your computer.

Have fun with your new handheld "computer"... and yes, you can make phone calls with it...if you really want to.