Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Google Android G1 Phone

My Motorola flip phone died a few months back. One of colleagues, Dave lent me his RAZR until I could get the next best thing. Thanks Dave!

As it turns out it is the new Android G1 made by HTC, which arrived by UPS today at about 3:30p. Now I can be a true techno road warrior or can I?

The UPS guy said I was his 112th delivery of the phone for the day and he had 70 more to go and he can't wait to get rid of them :-)...

Here are first look. It is charging now, so no screen shots as yet.

It is really nicely packaged.

Compared to the Motorola RAZR


Brian said...

How sturdy is it? Please drop it on the ground and report back!

Cruisinaltitude said...

It is not very sturdy at all. It seems like it would not be able to take a drop from the table especially the keyboard is out.

yasir jamal said...

give me 2 simple answers!
1.Cost of it ?
2.And of what technology it is based?

Anonymous said...

The phone cost vary on your what your status with T-mobile. If you can get a discount, the phone can be as cheap as $179 with a new 2 year contract. Without an contract or discount the phone sells strait up for $399.99.

The phone is a GSM based phone. With 3g data access as well as wifi.

The phone runs Android, the (Open handset alliance's/Google) new mobile OS. The Android part would be the same a Symbian (nokia), windows mobile (multiple handset makers) or Garnet (palm) etc... It is new, but 3rd party apps are being developed. Android is free and open source. based on a Linux kernel.

Sorry but i don't remember what chipset and such it is running