Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Honolulu International, Honolulu Oahu HI (HNL) to Kona International, Kona Big island HI (KOA)

YV1016 22NOV08 Honolulu International, Honolulu Hawaii (HNL) to Kona International, Kona Big Island HI (KOA) 3:35p 4:15p CRJ N27318

Flight Time: 0:35
Seat Map

We all walked out to the waiting plane. As we did so, I was able to photograph an Island Air flight.

There were two go! CRJ-200s waiting in the distance for us.

I did also notices a Mokulele ERJ-170 heading out to the runway; I think that is the flight that does the Kona turn :-(.

There was also a third go! CRJ off in the distance and three Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717s and a Boeing 767-300.

There was a sign on the stairs leading to the plane to help us along, it said "Kona Big Island."

We all boarded and took any open seat. The first empty window was in row three, so I settled in.

The Captain came on and apologized for the delay, saying that there was bad weather all around the Hawaiian Islands today as the culprit. He also said that it was 75F on Kona and that the weather there was a little better than Honolulu. The flight time will be 0:35 he concluded.

We waited to depart. Announcements were made for a party of four and eventually all that was rectified. In the meantime, another passenger boarded. The Captain then came on the PA once more and apologized saying that they were initially waiting for more passengers, but were now ready to go and was just waiting for paperwork. Good grief, I thought, are we ever going to get out of here?

The flight attendant did go through the plane and take drink orders after stating the prices. The prices ranges from $1.50 (water, soda, juice), $2.50 (beer, Starbucks coffee drink) to $3.50 (mixed drinks). No drinks were complimentary. She referred us to page 58 of the iflygo inflight magazine for more details.

Eventually, at 3:50p, the door closed and we pushed back as the lone flight attendant gave the manual safety demo. Soon, the engines started and we headed for the runway. On the way out, I did see a Aloha Airlines Cargo Boeing 737-200. Earlier this year Aloha Airlines had gone out of business, only the cargo airline survived.

We stopped short of the runway as we had to wait for a Hawaiian Air Boeing 717 to land followed by a Twin Otter from one of the many airlines based here in Hawaii. I missed getting a picture of the Twin Otter.

We then took to the runway and was airborne in no time. Based on my calculations, we should be at the gate at about 4:45p or so hence missing the Mokulele flight at 4:35p unless that too is delayed, which is my hope.

After takeoff, the beverages that were ordered were served. The lone flight attendant did ask folks to ensure they had exact change. I think, only the guy next to me ordered anything, a Heineken beer which he had with a bagel with cream cheese.

We started our descent at 4:17p after climbing for about 17 minutes. The Captain then came on the PA and announced that we've started our descent and advised the flight attendant to prepare the cabin for landing.

She then came on the PA and advised us to power stuff off and stow stuff followed by her collecting thrash.

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