Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Honolulu International, Honolulu HI (HNL)

CO1 22NOV Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH) to Honolulu International, Honolulu HI (HNL) 9:35a 2:05p 764 N??063

Flight Time: 8:06
Seat Map (20/236)

I walked through the Economy class cabin taking a glance backwards at the 2-1-2 configured BusinessFirst cabin. The Economy class is in a typical 767 configuration of 2-3-2. I found my seat, got in and settled down. The lady next to me moved to another aisle seat, which turned out to be her original seat as I guess she thought the middle would be empty. Another guy came and sat at the now empty aisle seat next to me, but had to move as it actually belonged to the couple behind me who had a toddler.

Eventually, we closed the door and pushed back with the safety video going as we did so. I could not really see outside as almost all the windows were closed :-(. There was one window open through which i was able to see a EVA Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 that took off on the parallel runway to our right just before we did.

After takeoff, the flight attendant explained the service which started soon after. We were served a hot pizza, a salad and potato chips along with beverage of choice.

There was a charge for alcoholic drinks and the cost of a headset was 1 USD. Each seat has an individual in-seat video and there were 9 video channels, 10 games and 20 music channels to keep us occupied for the next 8 hours or so.

I looked through it all and settled on "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with Brandon Fraser. I watched most of it through lunch, but fell asleep as it was close to the ending. I awoke later and ended up watching the rest of it.

Oh, agricultural forms were passed out for each person who was staying on the islands. Once filled out the flight attendants will pick them up before we landed.

With 1:12 to go, there was a turbulence warning by the flight crew. An arrival meal service started shortly after.

On the overheads, one could see the Hawaiian Islands in sight; we were at 28,000'.

The meal was a turkey sandwich served with potato chips, M&Ms.

Soon, it was time for landing so we got the cabin ready. It was pretty cloudy outside as it was raining below.

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