Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Kona International, Kona Big island HI (KOA) to Honolulu International, Honolulu Oahu HI (HNL)

MW158 22NOV08 Kona International, Kona Big island HI (KOA) to Honolulu International, Honolulu Oahu HI (HNL) 7:35p 8:15p E70 N868RW operated by Shuttle America, a Republic Airways Company

Flying Time: 0:15 [we took longer]
Seat map

The agent took our boarding passes, then we walked on the tarmac to the plane as there are no jetways at Kona. The ground staff was cool saying goodbye as we left. It was neat as they all knew our names. There was a total of seven passengers all in the Economy class cabin.

I stopped to take some pictures as did another passenger:

We walked up the stairs and were greeted by the flight attendant at the door who actually used to fly for another airline in the U.S. that operated these aircraft. The first class cabin has two rows in a 1-2 configuration and the Economy class has a 2-2 configuration. Both cabin has leather seats. This is typically how United Express and Air Canada have theirs configured.

Two of the guys who walked in stayed in First class, but when the flight attendant checked the manifest they were not on it, so she told them to move to their Economy class seats.

Here are some pictures as I looked around:

Soon, the door closed and we started our push back as well as the beginning of the safety demo. The demo is an automated voice with the two flight attendants doing the demonstration.

I looked out the window and saw a United Boeing 757-200 at another gate. I could not see it before due to the location of where I was sitting. The US Airways 757-200 was on my left as well.

When the cabin lights were turned off for takeoff, you could see the emergency floor lighting as below.

We headed out for the runway and in no time, increased power to the two engines and were airborne. You could see the lights of the city and the airport below us as we gained altitude.

A complimentary offer of water or juice (pass-o-guava punch) followed soon after takeoff.

At 7:50p, we started our descent, boy that really was quick.

At 52 miles southwest of Honolulu, the Captain made an announcement that it was 70F with cloudy skies and calm winds. He announced that we should see Oahu on the right as we come into the airport and then on our left after that. He concluded by saying that it was a pleasure having us onboard and hope to see us in the future.

At 7:57p, the Captain instructed the flight attendants to prepare for landing, so they did. Adding Mahalo and welcome to Honolulu.

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