Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mokulele Airlines: Arriving in Honolulu International, Honolulu Oahu HI (HNL) from Houston Intercontinental, Houston TX (IAH)

22NOV08 Honolulu International, Honolulu HI (HNL)

It was raining lightly as we touched down at 1:50p. We taxied into the gate arriving a few minutes later at 1:57p.

I deplaned and headed for the Presidents Club which was actually right across from my arrival gate. I got online right away checked the Kona flights on Mokulele Airlines and realized that the fare for the one I wanted was sold out. So I decided to re-do my travel plans and take go! operated by Mesa Airlines to Kona and then Mokulele back. I checked both their web sites and there was availability for the Internet fares ($45 on Mokulele and $64 on go!). I booked them right away and then headed upstairs for the Wiki Wiki; the inter-terminal train.

When I got there, I had just missed one so I started to look around. I was the only one waiting. I took a picture of our arriving airplane as well as the Continental 757-200 that had arrived from Los Angeles, CA (LAX) and which would more than likely be my ride home later. There was also an American Airlines Boeing 767-300 there as well as another American Airlines airplane.

I then looked at the Flight Information Display and every flight was showign delayed. But these were the morning flights. Once the Wiki Wiki arrived, the driver told me how to get to go! and we also chatted a bit.

One in the inter-island terminal, I followed signs to gate 62 for go!. This is really a ratty area of the airport with holes in the tarp covered walkway they've prepared. The floor was also wet.

Once at gate 62, there was no agent there, just a security guard. I asked him what do I do now and he said to wait and an agent will arrive soon. I also watched other passengers who had a similar experience as I did and looking equally frustrated.

In a few minutes though, an agent appeared and advised that we should follow him. He took us out the door marked 64 along the tarmac past the baggage carousel and then back into the terminal at gate 72. He pointed to the go! check-in counter. Odd, I thought...

At the counter, we waited a bit for an agent to show. It was not long before someone did and she checked us in expeditiously. A lady showed up, cut in line and said she was there before and started talking me to death. I hope we are not on the same flight.

Finally, I got my boarding pass which was devoid of a seat number and had the letters "OPN" on it. I have a 20 minutes connection in Kona, so I hope I can just get off and get on the next flight. With the weather the way it is and the fact that I don't see a plane outside, except for one CRJ-200 and that it is 3:16p as I type this, I am pretty sure that the 3:35p to Kona is delayed...I hope the Mokulele flight is delayed as well.

I saw some passengers arrive at 3:19p so I am going to assume that they just came on a plane but they were standing around so I doubt it; I think they are waiting for a flight just as we are.

The board showed that we were boarding, but no announcement were made...

At 3:25p, boarding commenced with those who need extra time first.

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