Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Getting ready to go to Tobago

Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare since our efforts were so fruitless. Alexis had suggested that we eat doubles, a local fare at the airport.

We approached the “Domestic Flights” checkin counter and walked right up to the agent as there was no line. I commented to Lee that it was odd that it said that since the only domestic flight for Caribbean Airlines is to Tobago. Why did it just not say “Tobago Flights”.

We presented our IDs to agents and waited. One agent handed Lee a boarding pass with 7C on it, so he inquired what happened to the seat he had selected the night before in 3A? The agent who was helping me said that those seats are for “Special Passengers.” Annoyed, I asked why did the online check-in program allow us to pick it and then actually print a boarding pass for it. She said she did not know.

Realizing I was not getting anywhere, we collected our aisle and window seats boarding passes not in the first class cabin and departed.

It was time to get something to eat so we did. After about two doubles each and some water, we headed back to the terminal. Lee wanted some juice so we went over to Kentucky, but the line was long so we went to another place. It would seem as if we were disturbing the lady at the counter, as the service was lacking. I even had to ask her to clean off the drink from the side of the cup as she had spilled it all over it. Ticked off, she did not offer a straw, so we had to get that from another worker.

I heard them make the boarding call for the flight although it was only 8:30a. they made the call again, so we decided to say goodbye to Alexis for now and clear the security area designated for the Tobago flights only.

We showed our boarding passes and walked through the open door onto a walkway next to the tarmac. I saw a Boeing 737-800 with winglets in the distance and figured that was our plane. Only I could not figure out how we would get there since we were on the tarmac and the airplane was at a jet bridge.

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