Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Arriving in Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad (POS) from Tobago

31MAY08 Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad (POS)

We touched down smoothly and started taxiing to the gate. The lone flight attendant welcomed us to Trinidad and wished us a pleasant onward journey. I think he is the coolest flight attendant I’ve ever flown with. It was like nothing really mattered, it seemed.

We pulled up to the gate and I could see that other Dash-8 that had taken off before us to the left; it had already deposited its load of passengers and was being boarded for another trip to Tobago.

As I left the aircraft, I was able to take a shot of 9Y-SLU [named after St. Lucia] sitting at the gate in a white paint scheme with “Caribbean Airlines” on the side and also one of the Dash-3 still in the old livery.

This is the tail of our plane.

Once in the terminal, we had the meals that we bought in Tobago. This was really good food; it was goat dinner; curried goat meat, rice, vegetables and macaroni pie. I stood on a line to get drinks from Kentucky. It took forever and when I got up there they had no Mountain Dew as they had ran out. How do you run out of Mountain Dew at 1:15p at an airport? Good grief. So I only just had a bottle of water. Lee ended up going to another place to get it. I love the Caribbean as there is never any sense of urgency at all, even at an airport; it takes a little getting used to.

I had called Alexis and advised that we had come back early and were having lunch. He showed up in a few minutes with the details of the next part of our journey.

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