Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad to Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB)

BW230 31MAY08 Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad to Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB) 9:30a 10:10a 738 with winglets 9Y-POS

Flight Time: 0:12
Seat Map

It was quite the walk throughout the airport to get to the airplane. Finally after many twists and turns and being directed by the ground staff, we made it. We were greeted by the lead flight attendant with a warm Caribbean greeting. I mentioned to her about the forward cabin seat incident and she said sorry, but there is nothing she can do. We were a bit solemn, as we walked by the empty seats we had desired and at least the one that Lee had chosen.

The aircraft has a 2-2 configuration in Business class; the seats are leather and in a burgundy color. In Economy class, the seats are cloth and in a 3-3 configuration.

I got to my seat row and there was a guy sitting there all buckled in. I asked him what seat he had and as it turns out it was the aisle. Normally, I would not have him move, but I specifically picked a window so I could enjoy the flight and the sights. I got in and soon after the girl for the middle showed up.

A flight attendant came on the PA at 9:06a and welcomed us on board and stated the flight time was 0:12. Incredible and it takes like an hour or so to board :-(. It was 9:11a, when the monitors flipped down and showed us our location and destination as well as distance and flight time.

We finally left the gate at 9:28a with a few seats open after a few passengers ran on board late. I even got some sleep in and was able to read the entire In-flight magazine while waiting. The safety demo was done manually; I wonder if they have a video of it? I did notice that they have a row 13 which is interesting.

We pushed back and headed for the lone runway at 28-10. We were off in no time and climed to about 8,000'. I was up the whole 12 minutes. This aircraft has a huge winglet!

For the routing, basically, we made a quick arch... It was beautiful to see the country below though before we cleared the mountains, then started our descent in Tobago.


Of course there was no service. I never saw the flights attendants after the safety demo.

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