Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Arriving in Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB)

31MAY08 Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB)

We touched down smoothly at 9:49a, but were really loud as we decelerated. The airplane took the full length of the runway, then turned around on the runway and headed back to the terminal getting in at 9:53a.

The tow and fire house

The end of the runway, before we turned around.

The beach is right there as you land.

Yes, the houses are this close.

The lady next to me asked if I minded that she wait until most of the passengers have disembarked and I said no problem. Of course Lee was waiting outside, but I wanted to be nice.

As I was getting off, i snapped a picture of the airport signage. A security guard approached me and told me to delete the photo, so I did :-(.

I joined Lee later on the tarmac and told him of the bad news. We then went through the baggage claim area to meet with Alexis' brother who would be the tour guide for our short stay in Tobago.
Here is our plane sitting on the tarmac getting ready to head back to Port of Spain.

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