Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Crown Point International, Tobago (TAB) to Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad (POS)

BW1541 31MAY08 Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB) to Piarco International, Piarco Trinidad (POS) 12:55p 1:20p DH3 9Y-WIT

Flight Time: 0:20
Seat Map

The flight attendant greeted us and ushered us forward in this 2-2 configured cabin.

We noticed that the flight still had a few open seats. We looked out and some more passengers were heading our way. Actually, we got two seats next to each other on the left side of the plane; I took the window, Lee the aisle.

By the time the door closed, there was only one empty seat on the plane. The flight attendant did a manual demo, told us the flying time was 0:20, the engines started and we departed under our own power. There was actually another Dash-8-300 (BW1535 at 12:40p) next to us which had left only moments before we did-destination Port of Spain as well. This one was still painted in the BWIA Express colors, hey our plane was still white with just the name “Caribbean Airlines” on the side. There is still one maybe two of the Boeing 737-800s that is painted white with just the name “Caribbean Airlines” on the side as well.

This was our plane.

The flight we did not take; our original flight. Nasty windows caused the image to be so bad.

We took off relatively quickly on the lone runway and made a right turn as we did so.

It was good to see the mountain range and the shores of the northern part of Trinidad.


Northern Trinidad

It was nice to see the city below us again in all its glory.

Before long, I noticed the runway in sight and we made a left turn to line up with it.

Not sure why, but the Captain was swerving from left to right across the runway’s center line.

As we approached the airport runway, you could see a Boeing 737-800 in the Caribbean Airlines hangar.

There was also a number of helicopters from the helicopter operation that goes out to the oilfields.

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