Saturday, May 31, 2008

Port of Spain May 2008: Departing Crown Point for Trinidad

31MAY08 Crown Point International, Scarborough Tobago (TAB)

We arrived at the airport promptly at 12:30p with our lunches in tow, cleared security with ease and settled in. Our flight BW1543 was scheduled for a 1:10p departure time. We had an awesome few hours in Tobago and could really have spent some more time there. We had done the beach, had some local food and bonded with the locals.

We noticed that they were boarding BW1541 which left at 12:55p and inquired if we could stand by for it. The agent told us to sit where he can see us and if there was any chance, he would advise. He also told us that there was another passenger before us as well.

We waited for about two minutes, then he called all three of us forward and we boarded via the hardstand.

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